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Наконечник Being Lotus 303PBQ-N
Наконечник Being Lotus 303PBQ-N NaviStom
Наконечник Being Lotus 303PBQ-N
4 500 грн
$ 166.24 • € 148.03
0 04.12.2018
Продам наконечник з фіброоптикою і мультифлексом. Новий. Терапевтична міні-головка. У використанні не був. Відкрив коробку і змастив маслом.

1. The NON-RETRACTION structure in the handpiece, prevents suction of oral fluids in a patient's mouth into the water line of the handpiece at the spray water outlet port.
2. New triple water spray system can cool the treated area and the bur effectively and roundly. Clogging of the the spray port is thus minimized.
3. Push button type, easy changing cartridge.
4. With NSK LED quick coupling, easy to load or unload the handpeice from the tubing of the dental unit.
5. Water spray can be controlled in the quick coupling.
6. With LED Light in the Coupling, Offering a better eyeshot and angle, improving your efficiency.
7. High density cartridge, with high cutting efficiency and less vibration and noise.
8. Newly-designed handle, comfortable to hold and easy to clean.
9. Both handpiece and quick coupling are autoclavable. (up to 135℃)

Technical Specifications:
Rotation Speed: 380000--430000 rpm
Head Dimension: 10.8 x H13.14mm
Air Pressure at the back end of HP: 206~231 KPa (2.1~2.35 kgf/cm2)
Air Pressure at the gauge in the dental unit: 240-294 KPa (2.45-3.0 kgf/cm2)
Water Pressure: 198Kpa (2 kg)
Chuck Type: Push button
Bur Applicable: φ1.59mm~φ1.6mm×21mm~23mm (diameter×length)
Noise: ≤70dB
Source of Light: LED
Volt of Bulb: 3.0~3.2 V
Weight of Handle: 98.3g
Type of Bearing: Chinese Bearings
Наконечник Being Lotus 303PBQ-N NaviStom
Наконечник Being Lotus 303PBQ-N NaviStom
Наконечник Being Lotus 303PBQ-N NaviStom
Наконечник Being Lotus 303PBQ-N NaviStom


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