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$ 1200 • € 1066.67
74 16.10.2018
1200$-проводной тип
1500$-беспроводной тип
• Camera features a 1/4" High Denition image sensor
• 17" Monitor features a High Denition resolution of 1280 X 1024
• Full USB port allows for easy image transfer
• High Denition real time video input allows for quick playback and easy patient diagnosis
• Camera buttons are easily accessible to control capture and playback functions
• Camera is illuminated with six bright LEDs; giving the best contrast, denition and resolution
• Camera	features	an	automatic	gain	control	to	automatically	adjust	the	light	intensity	to	the	CCD
•	Input	supports:	USB,	VGA,	HDMI	and	AV.
•	Medial	playback	format	includes:	MP3	audio,	MP4	video	and	JPG	images
•	Adjustments	on	monitor	include:	Contrast,	brightness	and	color
• Monitor comes equipped with a medical grade tempered glass front panel to minimize scratches
•	Monitor	Language	supported:	English,	Chinese,	Spanish,	German,	Portuguese	and	Arabic
• 4gb memory card (included) allows for easy image transfer and patient le management
• Easy integration of LCD monitor with camera on the dental delivery unit due to no additional
 cabling needed

Profident Plus