Xilgum NaviStom


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• Easily and safely workable thanks to double cartridge system 1:1 • Maximum fluidity • Short setting time • Fnal hardness 70 Shore A • High details definition (20 micron) • High dimensional stability • Suitable for direct and indirect technique • No retraction/deformation • CAD-CAM compatible • Easily finishing by knives or burs • Natural colour CHARACTERISTICS Xilgum Laboratory Addition silicone (polyvinylsiloxane) suitable to be scanned with optical/laser/tactile reading systems.It can be used for detailed fast reproductions of gums morphology to survey cervical limits in prothesis manufacturing for implants, crown, bridges both with direct and indirect teqnique. Xilgum combines a practicality of using with a series of advantages which allow technicians to obtain the maximum precision. The long working time allows the positioning in the concerned areas with extreme ease withut incurring risk of pre-hardening. The useful hardness degree (70 Shore A ) reached in short time, allows to work on masses broadly stable, making it easily finishing by cutters or burs. XILGUM SEP FLUID The insulating liquid XILGUM SEP FLUID, specially studied for Xilgum silicone, perfectly isolates impression materials and laboratory silicones ensuring minimum thikness without any residual surface for a perfect gingival reproduction. PACKAGING XLG070 - 2 cartridges of 50 ml. (100 ml.) + 12 mixing tips + Sep Fluid, insulating liquid of 10 ml